• Is your Kitchen 100% Gluten Free?

Yes, dedicated gluten free. Safe for celiacs.

  • Do you have delivery service?

As a home bakery, I can’t do deliveries (Cottage food Law).

  • Are your treats Dairy Free?

Yes, I don’t use any dairy product in my treats.

  • Are you treats Nuts free?

Most of them are nut free. But I use almonds for Keto cakes and cookies. You can check all the ingredients in the images of each product.

  • Can you change any ingredient?

Of course, you can text me and we can discuss ingredients that works for you.

  • How much is a custom cake?

The price depends on the difficulty of the design. You can text me and we can discuss that you want.

I operate under the Texas Cottage Food Law and I have a food handler’s license.